01. Chongmukwan Beginner

chongmukwan beginner course

In this course we teach the basic techniques of hankido according to the Chongmukwan curriculum. The techniques in this course go from 9th till 7th geup (white, yellow and orange belt). Part of this course is also learning class etiquette and some Korean terminology. After you have completed this course, you may advance to Chongmukwan Intermediate and eventually Chongmukwan Advanced.


Things you need to participate in this course:

  1. A soft floor to practice your falls
  2. A partner to practice your selfdefense techniques
  3. Kicking and striking pads
  4. A martial arts uniform isn’t required, regular sportsclothing is fine.
  5. Create an account on this site under My Account.

To get pass the first lesson you will need to provide us with your full name and the name of your teacher. After we give our approval, you get access to the full course.

To complete the course you need to let your teacher review each module with you. Fill in the name of your teacher and the date you tested.

After you have signed up and logged in, you should see a ‘Start This Course‘-button at the start of this page. Click that button to sign up for this course. It is free, so why not do it?