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etiquette cmk

Class etiquette

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In this lesson you learn what is expected from you as a student in class.

We will talk about hygiene, communication, things you should or shouldn’t do. You will learn a few basic Korean words we often use in class.


etiquette cmk

Treat everyone with respect. Class etiquette is not different from everyday etiquette. Be nice!

At Chongmukwan there is no room for rude, uncivilised behaviour. In the previous lesson you have learned what Chongmukwan means. We expect ‘chong’-behaviour of ourselves and our students.


Because we teach Korean martial, some things we do have their origin in Korean culture. Examples of this are bowing and handing things with two hands.

Start and end of class

We start and end class with a sitting bow. At the start of class we bow to the instructor. At the end of class students first bow to each other and then to the instructor.

In the Media Section you can find a list with Korean terminology.

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