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What does Chongmukwan mean?

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In this course we look at what the word Chongmukwan means and how this relates to the way we teach martial arts.

chongmukwan hangul

The word Chongmukwan has three syllables; chong, mu and kwan. To find the meaning it is easiest to start with the last syllable: kwan (관, sometimes written as gwan). Kwan literally means hall, but with Mu (무) in front of it, we know it is a place for martial arts. We see the use of Mu in words like Muye (martial art), Mudo (martial way) and Musul (martial technique).

It is the syllable Chong that provides the actual meaning. Chong (정, sometimes written as jeong) means righteous, correct or proper.

Putting it all together Chongmukwan means righteous martial arts school or place where we teach correct martial arts.

Our main goal is to give people the change to become righteous. We do this by teaching martial arts. We teach martial arts the right way. To us the right way is a balanced way where there is attention for both the martial and the arts side of the martial arts, the physical as well as the mental aspects of training.

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