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Course Category: chongmukwan

  • 03. Chongmukwan Advanced

    22 Lessonsin
    chongmukwan advanced

    In this course we teach the material required for 3rd till 1st geup (red, red/black and preliminary black belt). The advanced part of the curriculum aims to prepare you for your 1st dan test. Not a lot of new material is added, but we go much deeper into the previously learned material. The red/black belt […]

  • 01. Chongmukwan Beginner

    38 Lessonsin
    chongmukwan beginner course

    Learn the basics of the chongmukwan curriculum. Hankimuye for beginners.

  • 02. Chongmukwan Intermediate

    39 Lessonsin
    green belt

    In this course we teach the intermediate techniques of hankido according to the Chongmukwan curriculum. The techniques in this course go from 6th till 4th geup (green, blue and purple belt). Requirements This course comes after the Chongmukwan Basics course and you are required to pass that course before you can progress to this course. […]