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chongmukwan advanced

03. Chongmukwan Advanced

You must first complete 02. Chongmukwan Intermediate before taking this course.

In this course we teach the material required for 3rd till 1st geup (red, red/black and preliminary black belt). The advanced part of the curriculum aims to prepare you for your 1st dan test. Not a lot of new material is added, but we go much deeper into the previously learned material.

The red/black belt is a belt that is half red and half black. The preliminary black belt (sometimes referred to as the junior black belt) is the grade before the test for 1st dan. The average time between the belts is about six months. The average time between the last two grades however is 9 months:

  • White – yellow belt: 6 months
  • Yellow – orange belt: 6 months
  • Orange – green belt: 6 months
  • Green – blue belt: 6 months
  • Blue – purple belt: 6 months
  • Purple – red belt: 6 months
  • Red – red/black belt: 9 months
  • Red/black – preliminary black belt: 9 months
  • Preliminary black belt – 1st dan: 6 months

A student who train about 3 times a week could go from white belt to 1st dan in about five years.

This course follows the Chongmukwan Beginner and Chongmukwan Advanced courses.