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Author: klaasb

Belt embroidery

We now also offer belt embroidery. You can have your name put on your belt, the name of your school or both. The embroidery is done by hand in Korea. Available for both black and coloured belts.

The name of your school is always embroidered in Korean. For you personal name you can choose to have it written in Korean characters (hangul) or ABC.

Order your personal belt today.

New T-shirts

shirt front

We proudly present our new Hankimuye 2019 T-shirts! This summer we have opted for a minimalistic design. Our logo is featured on the back, while the word ‘hankimuye’ is written across the chest in archaic hangul and hanja. The colour of the T-shirt is dark grey.

The T-shirt is made of dri-fit material which means the T-shirt will dry easily and keeps your body cool during your work-out. Perfect for the hot summer months ahead.

The T-shirt can be ordered from the webshop or bought at the upcoming Hankimuye Summer Camp in the Netherlands. Available in many different sizes, but there are only a limited number of T-shirt available! Get yours before they are gone.