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White HKD Uniform


Standard white hankimuye uniform (dobok) for members of the World Hankimuye Federation.
The doboks are made of a mix of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%) and are light yet very durable.

The logo of our federation is on the left chest and on the back the word ‘hankimuye’ is written in archaic Korean and Chinese.

Pick the right size
To pick the right size you round up your length in centimeters to the next tenth. So if you are 144 centimeters tall, pick a size 150 cm. When you have a big posture, you might want to pick a size even higher. Someone who is 186 cm tall and has a big posture, might be better off with a size 200cm. Some schools have samples available that you can try before you make your purchase.

First time buyers get a free white belt. Coloured belts should be ordered separately.

You will get the true price for shipping, after you have filled in your address completely. People from the Netherlands can choose ‘local pickup’ which will give them free shipping. The uniform will then be delivered to Chongmukwan in Urk where you can pick it up.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dobok size

130 cm, 140 cm, 150 cm, 160 cm, 170 cm, 180 cm, 190 cm, 200 cm