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Hankimuye Magazine


This 40-page, full color, magazine-style book is filled with loads of information about hankido. The twelve basic techniques of hankido are shown in full detail with to-the-point descriptions of the techniques. Main instructor Ko Se-hwan demonstrates the techniques in person. An explanation of the three guiding principles of hankido gives you more insight into the workings of our arts.

– Welcome and Introduction
– Myung Jae-nam (founder of Hankido)
– Ko Baek-yong (founder of the World Hankimuye Federation)
– Dojang etiquette
– The basic principles of Hankido
– Korean terminology
– etc. etc.

This book will appeal to practitioners of Korean martial arts like hapkido and hankido, but also offers valuable information for practitioners of related martial arts like aikido, taichi and many more.


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