Hankido introduction

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From green to purple belt you learn the first ten hankido selfdefense exercises (hosindobeop, 호신도법) out of a series of twelve. In this lesson we will introduce hankido. Each selfdefense exercise has it’s own lesson.

We first learn all twelve techniques versus a cross wrist grab. Later you learn how to apply these techniques against other attacks.

The names of the twelve hosindobeop are:

  1. Gwanjeolgibeop (관절기법)
  2. Chigibeop (치기법)
  3. Sipjagibeop (십자기법)
  4. Naeoegibeop (내외기법)
  5. Gyeoranggibeop (겨랑기법)
  6. Mokgamabeop (목감아법)
  7. Mokkkeokkgibeop (목꺾기법)
  8. Eokkaetubeop (어깨투법)
  9. Jungpaltubeop (중팔투법)
  10. Hoejeontubeop (회전투법)
  11. Palmokgibeop (팔목기법)
  12. Palbaegibeop (팔배기법)

To convert the Korean names from hangul to abc we used the official Reversed Romanized of Korean method of the South-Korean government. This makes names sometimes a bit hard to read. For clarity we will also give the names with a dash (-) between the syllables in each lesson when we explain the meaning of the name.

Hangul isn’t very hard to learn. There are many great online resources that give you a basic understanding of the Korean writing system relatively quick.

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